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The Online Lighting Diagram Creator is a personal project launched to help with the creation of photography lighting diagrams. I'm working on it on my spare time so development time will depend on how busy/free I am.

Originally, this online Lighting Diagram Creator was created to make the use of Kevin Kertz 's PSD file easier. But then Kevin denied the permission to use his file so I had to find another source of image.

Very quickly, I've received a new PSD file from Don Giannatti. The objects are not as stylish as Kevin Kertz's ones, but they are very cool. So many thanks to Don for his contribution! For those who don't know Don (aka Wizwow) please visit his other websites: www.dongiannatti.com / www.lighting-essentials.com / www.learntolight.com . It's quite late here in the UK and I've just been able to generate a few objects from his PSD. But at least the tool is now back on track!

Then antic_eye has offered to use his image set created with the Open Source vector graphics editor: Inkscape .

On request of a user, I've added some images for sound engineering. Several are linkwares from IconShock , other are pending for approval.

Also thanks to Paulo Rodrigues and UDI from the DIY Photography blog for posting an article about this tool and sorry to let you down by changing the tool image set.