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Record of changes made to the project.


  • Added a window as light source


  • Added "Tweet this" link to diagram pages


  • Adding a preview box for object thumbnails
  • The "Community" section now use Ajax for members specific menu to allow caching of public contents


  • Added new objects: sun, flowers, softbox above a subject


  • Pro version is now becoming standard.


  • the objects from the PSD sheet are now integrated as part of the 'OLDC Pro' not yet available. The Pro version will include more features: more objects, more rotation steps...
  • improving community section with cache optimization + a Ajax members navigation menu.


  • extracting the objects from the new PSD
  • creating a script that uses ImageMagick to create rotated versions of the objects.
  • first tests of a search engine for the community section.





  • starting to learn how to use InkScape vector editor to start designing a new set of objects


  • Uploading a new design to the website


  • fixing export issue with IE


  • On the development version: in the knowledge database, you can add a comment to a diagram. Each comment can be assigned a rating from -2 to +2. You can submit your own related shot (photo taken using the same lighting setup).


  • On the development version: added a custom eZ Publish trigger to auto-update the diagram image when the object is sent for publishing.
  • On the development version: support for EXIF information.


  • On the development version: it's getting quite exciting now, the DB to hold the details for a lighting diagram is completed and the template to display those details is also done: see the screenshot .


  • On the development version: save a diagram to your online profile. You add title, description, result and test shots...
  • On the development version: added 2 new objects (tungsten bulb and white wall)


  • On the development version: added a script to load sub images of an object (rotated versions) when it is first added to a diagram. This speeds up the display of the image when it is rotated.


  • On the development version: new graphical interface added: see the screenshot .
  • On the development version: few fixes including missing mic-3, mic-30 and mixer images and re-developing the positioning algorithm of the default diagram.
  • On the development version: ability to clear the diagram to start from scratch.


  • Added PNG export for better image quality and smaller file size.


  • Change of the website's address for the tool as more features are going to be added.


  • Newly added object now will appear on the diagram layout instead of outside of it.
  • Added a new set of Nikon gears


  • Reorganizing the objects into categories.



  • The rotation button has changed into two ones: clockwise and anti-clockwise.


  • Some debugging done for IE. Still some issue with PNG transparency with IE6.
  • Added a new button to generate a bookmarkable URL to save/share your diagram without saving as a JPEG.


  • You can now, finally, save diagrams into JPEG files: combines javascript to generate the object lists along with coordinates, rotation angle and layer assignments and PHP code to build the JPEG image.


  • It is now possible to embed the tool on an external website with an iFrame code. But this is not released yet.
  • new control buttons added to the control bar: move the object and duplicate the object. In FireFox, moving the object by dragging the move button will solve the little moving behaviour problem.
  • the control bar is now on the image and will appear whenever the mouse is hovering on the object not just on the control bar location.


  • Extraction and generation of open source image set from antic_eye
  • Generation of image for sound engineering. Some images are pending for approval from their author.


  • Extraction and generation of umbrella and v-card sets from Don's PSD


  • Kevin Kertz denied the permission to use his PSD content
  • Don Giannatti send me his own PSD to use for the tool
  • Extraction and generation of few objects from Don's PSD


  • Re-export the PNG file of the "Model". The background wasn't transparent in the previous version.


  • Publishing the beta version.
  • Use of Kevin Kertz 's Lighting Diagram PSD file: extracting each object and generate a library of rotated version of each object as PNG files.
  • Use of Ajax code from Matthias Hertel for moving HTML DIV objects.
  • Use of a Javascript code found here .
  • Adding rotation + layer switching feature to each object.
  • Create an eZ Publish extension ezlightingdiagram to integrate the tool within my website: module view + template override to use in a node.