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Lighting diagrams are useful to all photographers willing to share their techniques or just keep records of how they setup their lights for a specific photoshoot. A lot of photographers are spending time hand drawing their diagrams and scanning them back on the computer. I've been looking for a way to do it in a more consistent way with nice graphics but there are not software either to download or online and then found a PSD made available for download by Kevin Kertz with excellent graphic quality. Thank you so much for sharing it to the community. But lazy as I am, I prefer an offline or online tool that helps me with the positioning and rotation of each element but most of them are a bit limited that's why I started this project. Unfortunately it was not possible for me to use the PSD from Kevin so I launched the project with the help of other photographers. Until one day I decided to make the jump and learn to use Inkscape to make my own design.

Thanks to all of you for their support to the project, special thanks to:

Lighting diagrams related websites

Here are some websites or blogs from photographers that share their lighting diagrams.