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Lighting diagrams related websites

Here are some websites or blogs from photographers that share their lighting diagrams.

Strobox - the iPhone apps for creating and sharing lighting diagrams by Janis Lanka.

Joe McNally New York based editorial and commercial photographer. Joe McNally regularly blog about his work and illustrate them with hand drawn lighting diagrams.

Whimsical Fashion Photography an award winning Utah based photographer specializing in whimsical fashion and model photography.

DIYPhotography.net "This is my way of sharing the knowledge I have, and trying to help other photographers to make cheap affordable photography equipment." Lighting diagrams - part I & Lighting diagrams - part II .

Portrait Photography Lighting 101

Stefan Tell freelancing photographer and art director in one neat package. Self-employed and living in Stockholm, Sweden.

If you do have a nice collection of lighting diagrams please share your website address with us by posting a comment below.